Mother & baby

I became a mother in 2015, when I gave birth to our first son. In 2017 we had another baby boy and in 2019 we had a girl! Lots have changed since 2015… I have changed. I remember getting ready for our firstborn, when it seemed like all of a sudden we were thrown in this whole new world. World of babies. And back then I didn’t know much about all the baby stuff. I wasn’t familiar with different kids brands, I wasn’t able to discern what was essential and what will only take up our space and money.

As time went by, I as many other mothers got carried away by all the cute little stuff. I fell in love in cute little outfits, in decorating the kids room with the most stylish little pieces, in furniture that was designed to rest your eyes. With baby number 2 and 3 it was a lot easier for me. I already knew what I wanted, what I needed and what the baby needed. What were true baby and/or mom essentials. And what was for decorative purpose, to feed my aesthetic soul. With knowing all that I saved a lot of money on not buying unnecessary stuff. Instead I focused on basics, essentials and most importantly quality.

For me a “quality product” means it’s of course, made of quality materials. It’s functional, practical and serving its purpose well. But also includes other aspects, such as good design. Environmental approach in material selection, production and sales. And a story line behind all that. I discovered just such brand and a local, Slovenian one. Kokopoko is a family run business, by a husband – wife team, and 2 little boys helping around. Their story started somewhere along their parenthood journey when they recognised the need for certain products, or how the existing ones could be improved. To them choosing natural, eco friendly materials is not only a fashion fly. It’s a way of life. A better life for ourselves just as well as the environment. Choosing to buy at Kokopoko means investing in better future and better life standards. Here are a few reasons why people should buy ecological cotton:

– safer and cleaner water, air and land. Since eco cotton is being grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers

– safe work conditions for cotton farmers, who don’t get to breathe in any harmful chemicals in the cotton growing process. Who are not in risk of ingesting poisoned water.

Safe for our skin.

Sustainability and biodegradability.

Their nursing pillow is one of my favourite products discovered lately. Pure mom and baby essential. I simply love it. It has all the eco features as mentioned above but is as well filled with a special fabric called Kapok, that’s known for its hypoallergenic features. What I love the most about this nursing pillow is its size. It’s such a good size you can simply store it in any place. It’s not like those big nursing pillows that take half of your bed. It’s simple to use, just slide it on your arm. It gives rest and support to the baby while breast/bottle feeding. Comes with 2 washable covers. When it’s no longer needed for feeding purpose, just remove the cover and use it as a sleeping pillow for your baby. Beautiful design for mothers who know what they want.

I also love their product called “Wings”. It’s used as a bib, when baby is eating. Or simply if the baby is drooling and has wet t-shirts all the time. I use it as a burp cloth after breastfeeding as well. Versatile as it gets. Very beautiful, natural plain colour.

I love this brands philosophy! And I love their designs. Their natural colour fabric selection is so soothing. All of their products comes neatly packed in beautiful gift packages. Thought about every little detail. What a joy to shop at small, family business!

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