My soul speaks in flowers

I love what I do! I am so thankful and happy when I get to work for such beautiful people, beautiful souls and talented artists. I got to style and shoot a wall stickers pack of gorgeous pinkish florals. Created in a collaboration between Pick art design and Studio Riznar. I am always so happy and even proud when I see such amazing collaborations! Women supporting women. Nothing more beautiful and powerful than that.

Check out the entire Pick art design x Studio Riznar collection here! You will find beautiful watercolour designs, not only florals, but more boyish ones as well. Rockets, spaceships, dinosaurs, beautiful little dots that suits just about every place. Unicorns and rainbows…

What I love about wall stickers is that it’s a quick and effective way of decorating. In a matter of minutes you can completely change the place just by placing some cool stickers on the wall! And you won’t ruin your walls by doing it. Since these wall stickers can be removed and replaced! Keep in mind to be careful when removing though. Slowly and steady, just to make sure not to tore them.

“Let us live like flowers. Wild and beautiful and drenched in sun.”

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