Nursery Love

So happy I get to show you more of the finished nursery corner! Ever since I found out we are having a girl I got really excited and full of ideas. I was constantly browsing through Pinterest’s and Instagram’s prettiest nurseries and rooms. Gathering ideas and inspiration.

I knew I wanted to create something romantic, girly, dreamy… Wallpaper was my biggest wish! And I was so happy when I got the Photowall’s wallpaper. I chose the Garbo and Friends wallpaper Fauna. With such a beautiful tapestry pattern featuring whimsical land with forest animals, resembling playfull hide and seek. The color is on the darker side, kind of green-blue, and I love it so much! The end result blew me away and I am still amazed by it every day. Wallpaper definitely makes a statement and adds so much character to a room.

In case if you’re wondering about how to order one, how to install it etc… Just chose your favorite one and measure the wall you’d like to wallpaper. Hight x width, and insert your measurments than Photowall will immediately give you the calculation on how many wallpaper do you need exactly. Just follow the process on their site! The installation is really easy and you are provided with specific details and instructions and also the tools you’ll need! So simple and so worth it. Promise you won’t regret it because your new place will blow you away!

time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life

As this is my third child I really knew what I wanted and needed this time around. I focused on baby essentials that are functional, practical, good quality, pretty design… And the list of the stuff we got is actually pretty short. The wallpaper as the main eye catcher I really didn’t even need to add much more.

One of the first things I got for the new member was this beautiful rattan mirror. From the rattan collection by Childhome. At Pikolin shop I immediately made arrangements about their beautiful rattan crib as well. The crib is really useful since it’s so lightweighted and during the day while my 2 boys are around I can easily move it from place to place so I can keep an eye on the baby! It’s such a beautiful piece and I love the whole collection so much. At Pikolin shop you can check out all of Childhome’s goodies, it’s a brand I keep coming back to and Pikolin shop is there to help you and offer advice of any kind! I am so grateful for all the help with our baby corner and this new journey. In their shop we also got a new stroller, suitable for all 3 kids! And many other baby gear. Most of all we appreciate the kindness and warmness of the whole Pikolin team! It’s important to have someone offering advice and guidance, as todays market is saturated with so much brands and stuff. And it’s easy to get lost and choose something that just doesn’t meet your needs correctly. So always look for professional advice, might save you lots of time!

I love the contrast between the light color rattan and the dark wallpaper background! It’s actually a mix of different styles but it turns out to work so well together. Boho, scandi, vintage and modern. One of the pieces I mustn’t forget to mention is the beautiful vintage cabinet which we colored to this amazing blue color. It belonged to my mother in law and is originally dark cherry natural wood. We now use it as a baby changer. It adds character to the place, and I got such a hugeee crush on color blue lately!

One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well.

I’m not sure what is it with women and canopies… But every kids room seems to have one! And to me, as well, it’s one of the pieces i can’t pass by. I chose the Konges Slojd’s canopy in color Bark. Again COLOR CRUSH. Love this pinky-earthy tone so much. I also love the rest of this brands collection. Totally worth checking them out!

CamCam’s music mobile Swan is such a unique piece and the boys love to have it on repeat for their little sister! Love this brand and selected a few other items from their sleep and baby care collections.

Baby nest was an essential to me. Love the fact that you can easily pick it up and carry. It’s a perfect size and fits in our rattan crib or any other crib, I’m sure & it hugs your baby making him/her feel more safe. Reminding of a womb like enviroment. I chose the Liewood Dots pink nest.

I enjoyed every step of this procces. I put all my love in creating the space for our baby on the way. You don’t need much to create something beautiful. If you put your soul into it, it will show. And don’t bother following the trends, instead try to put some character to the place. Unique, selected pieces & the moto “less is more” are the perfect guidance. And there is nothing quite like as something created under the loving hands of a mother.

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