Mother Muse

There is so much inspiration in motherhood. I am blown away by all the amazing women and mothers out there. And when I look for strenght, I look at them, at all of us.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

This is my third pregnancy. And all I can say is I never knew that motherhood will give me so much! I am so thankful I have two wonderful, beautiful pregnancies behind me. Two beautiful, healthy boys. I am thankful that my body was able to carry both of my babies full term. And for two beautiful birth stories! I am amazed by the strenght of my body and myself. A true blessing. And I pray to carry my baby girl safely and deliver in August! I feel empowered by being a mother and a woman. I feel confident and capable. And I never felt this strong before. And this is how all mothers should feel, because we badass! And shouldn’t be bothered by a few extra kilos or stretch marks.

All mothers know that pregnancy is not a walk in the park, exactly. And the things we endure are hard. There’s a lot of talk about the glory and the glow, the magic of being pregnant. And I do agree it is magic. Creating life. And feeling those kicks inside… that needs to be felt because words can’t do justice. But lets give ourselves some more credit here, please. Let us not “belittle” this powerful and meaningful experience of pregnancy and motherhood. Let it be known it’s a hard and demanding journey. That takes your strenght, energy, will and hope to endure. To endure 9 months of constant changes, to deliver your baby and to cross the following tough journey of post partum. These are all powerful stages, that take all of you. Literally. So take time, give your body time to recover. Find beauty in it. Love yourself, your body. Have faith, hope and be brave. Because trust me, there’s not a thing we can’t do. Not after all this. Not after creating life itself.

Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.

Pregnancy and motherhood photo inspiration by Mother Muse magazine.

Location of shooting: Ljubljana city centre.

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