Spring Time & Creative Vibes

Spring is here and so are new collections!

Each year spring is the time that brings change the most! Cold, dark days are being replaced by sunny ones. New energy hits and off we go strolling, walking and enjoying our first cups of coffee outdoors.

It is also the time when warm sun rays motivates you to do your spring cleaning, declutter and freshen things up. It always gives me some new insight! Peeking into new collections does so too…

The newest Elodie Details collection Atelier Dreams is the synonym of spring. New, fresh patterns and colors with a dreamy, creative vibe. Exactly how I’m feeling these days! We got a couple of favourites from loveliest Hajdi.si boutique.

Elodie Details beddings are my faves and I just keep coming back for more. I love them for their quality materials and their beautiful design. Thank god for an excellent Swedish design! Offering our little folks the best yet stylish textiles. This time I chose the Mineral Green bedding set. I love this color so much… And with the “bunny ears” addition to the pillow case it was instantly a must!

This brand is known for their beautiful bibs. So many varieties to choose from. And with an accent on aesthetics, when a bib becomes a fashion accessory! We got a long sleeved bib, perfect for messy little eaters or for some art time.

Like I keep saying… I love to sneak into the girls department and snatch a thing here and there. This time I couldn’t resist a snuggle little friend. Feathered Fiona, with so much thought to details and again in the most gorgeous mineral green color. It also happens that my boys don’t blame me at all! They love playing with their new birdie friend.

So this is how I’m dealing with seasons changing. Swooning over new collections and focusing on few essentials to shift things up! Not much is needed.

Mineral Green bedding set , Long sleeved bib Feathered Friends , Snuggle Feathered Fiona all available at Hajdi.si online shop!

Post was made in collaboration with Hajdi.si

Official Elodie Details site

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