Social Media: Perfect Feed?

Does pretty content means pretty life? At all points?

I was under a lot of stress during the last couple of days. Something happened to our closer family member and it really shook everybody up. I’m ( still ) not quite ready to share everything on social media, so let’s just leave it at that.

Today I still managed to post a pretty photo on Instagram and write a caption just like I normally would. What I want to point out is how a person could have a thousand problems in their personal life and yet everything on their social media channels appears a contrary.

How many of us does that? Post pretty stuff and just keep all the worries to ourselves. How many of us try so hard to create a certain image, picture perfect, even though in real life it’s not. I do know that social channels are not meant for everybody to “vent” and talk about their problems and other “negative” topics. But I just can’t help but wonder about how many people felt like shit today and yet managed their social media accounts like it was the best day of their lives…

So today I dare to write about my un-perfect world. About my bad days. How I stress out about things in life and how I’ve got 99 problems but my Insta’ feed ain’t one haha.

Life is not perfect and neither are we. But that’s ok. There are way more important things behind the “perfect feeds and blogs”, anyway!

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