Birth Story: Baby #1

After all this time I decided to share my birth stories! Why? Because I still vividly remember every single detail, every feeling. And because as years pass by I see myself relaxing with a cup of coffee on a rainy day and going through my old posts, reminiscing.  This way I will always remember!

Baby #1

Soon after my husband and I started dating we decided we wanted to have a baby. Luckily we had no problems conceiving and we got pregnant “straight away”. We we’re both happy about it but only for a short time. Unfortunately very soon after we found out, I had a miscarriage. When I woke up I noticed I was bleeding. I rushed to my gynaecologist but nothing could be done. The baby was gone. It was the most devastating experience of my life. It made me realise how very much I wanted that baby. How much I wanted to give a baby to my husband. And to become a mother. I was truly crushed.

Doctor said that this happens sometime and for no particular reason necessary. He advised to wait 2 months and after that we can try conceiving again. It was hard. A couple of months felt like eternity. Finally the time was up and we got lucky again! I remember waiting, counting the days until my period. I was praying to be “late”! And so I was. I waited for a couple of days just in case so I wouldn’t be disappointed if I started bleeding the next day.

I couldn’t sleep all night. All I could think about was the pregnancy test I was gonna take in the morning. I always used my Baby Check in the morning, like the instructions advised. Because in the beginning of pregnancy, hormones are more elevated in the morning, in the first urination. I took the test and there they were. Two stripes! Positive. I went back to bed and lay on my husband telling him we’re pregnant.

I have never ever told this to anybody but I prayed for the baby like crazy. I prayed day and night. It was my first and last thought every day. I was still so much under the impression of the miscarriage I had and I was scared it could happen again. I tried to be more careful and I even remember always tucking my shirt in, covering my kidneys. Lol. And I never ever did that before. It turned out to be a healthy pregnancy with no complications. I did though experienced the worst morning sickness ever. I was so sick all the time, I couldn’t eat. I remember driving home from work and throwing up in the car… It lasted all the way to 5th month! If I could live through that I can survive anything.

From than on, it was a very nice pregnancy. I stayed at home, sleeped in every morning, watched the entire season of Game of Thrones while bae was at work, make him made me some sandwiches before he left… Haha! I was really enjoying my “carefree” days.

So, I remember the contractions started in the middle of day. I was counting the minutes of how often they were. And they were very often. I didn’t even had contractions with 20 minutes delays or more. In my case they started and they were in 5 – 3 minutes intervals already. I waited till the evening, since my water didn’t broke and I just knew it wasn’t the time quite yet. And so we went, they checked the contractions and the cervix dilation. Not enough, so they sent us back home. I couldn’t sleep all night, all I did was timing the freaking minutes of pain. Lol. The contractions were getting stronger and stronger and at 7am or so we rushed back to the hospital. This time it was for real.

I got dressed in the hospital gown and had another check up before they took me to the labour room. They asked if I’d like to have my “pipes cleaned”. In Slovenia this means you will get enema, a water injection straight to your booty. It’s supposed to just flush everything out. I heard of this before, a friend told me that it was extremely uncomfortable, unpleasant and very hard to tolerate. Especially during labor/contractions. When you’re sitting on the toilet and you just don’t know whats gonna pop out first, the baby or the poop! LOL. So I knew this was not an option for me. I rather took the chance of pooping in front of the doctors and midwife. Logical right?

I finally got to the delivery room, where I got checked up again. They advised me to have something ( I don’t remember how it’s called anymore ) to accelerate my contractions. I agreed. During the pregnancy and when I got to the hospital I didn’t really had a plan, like some women do. All I ever knew was, that I’m going to trust my body, feelings and most importantly the medical staff! Giving birth is something hard to plan because you never know what might happen and there goes your plan. If you have none, there’s less chance to worry about it if something or someone decides to take another path.

Because my water didn’t broke at all, and to accelerate the contractions even more, they performed a amniotomy. A procedure, where they use a long, thin plastic stick to make your water break. I thought I was in such terrible pain. When they asked me if I’d like the epidural, I agreed straight away! ( And that was the one and only thing I planned, I was certain I wouldn’t take it because of the stories of how you can get paralysed… ) The epidural is known as the most effective pain relief medication during pregnancy. It did helped with the contractions, I can’t say it didn’t. But when the labor started, the pressure, the pushing… I think there is nothing that can help with that kind of pain.

A couple of hours have passed by already and the nurse told my husband that maybe he could go and take a break. So he went downstairs for some coffee. I seemed fine, the epidural kicked in and I was completely stoned and laughing because of the gas mask. As soon as he left the room the labor started! Can you imagine that?! I was yelling into the gas mask, which was my best, bestest friend during the whole thing.( And this is the one thing I must point out. During my both deliveries the laughing gas mask was truly helpful. Simple, yet effective. ) I was yelling, the pressure was indescribable ( only mothers know ) the baby was ready to meet us! They turned me on my back, I was laying on my hip the whole time. And thank god hubby walked in! A few minutes later and he’d missed it! Push, they said. And so I did. A couple of pushs and he was out!

For a second I just fell back and couldn’t even open my eyes. I heard him crying, but I was just thinking to myself ” Wtf? Why didn’t nobody told me it was gonna be like this? ” I opened my eyes and leaned forward, to see the little stranger that’s been living inside me for the last 9 months! And there he was, the most beautiful purple, no hair baby ever! My husband cut the cord and the nurses took care of him, they cleaned him, measured the precious centimetres and the weight. 51 cm and 3215g of pure love! And than finally put him in my arms, skin to skin. Best feeling ever.

It was exactly 11:58 , October 14th 2015. A little bit later he was already breastfeeding like a champ! And I was the most happy momma. I had the most beautiful, healthy baby.

We had such a beautiful birth. The medical staff was amazing! The apprentice nurse that was by my side, holding and caressing my belly… I thank them with all my heart!

And my husband for creating a perfect mini version of himself ❤

Baby #2 coming soon!

PS: the only thing popping out during this delivery, was the baby! LOL

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