2018: Favourites and Fails

Decided to write down a shorter list of my favourite kids goodies! There are many more, but for now I will point out just a few that really worked well for me. Also the ones that didn’t worked out at all.

*This is my own personal opinion through my own experience with the stated products.


  • HOUSE BED: fell in love with this sweet and simple design. Can’t imagine our kids room without it!
  • BABY SLEEPING NEST: an absolute winner. Currently our baby is 9 months old and still sleeps in it. I firmly believe that he sleeps through the night from the very beginning, mainly because of this particular nest. He just loves it! We also took it with us on our vacations and just placed it in the portable crib. This is definitely one thing I couldn’t live without!
  • WOODEN BLOCKS: most of the time when I’m buying toys for my kids, I ask myself “will they even play with it? Or will they just toss it somewhere in the corner… (happened a gazillion times lol)”. It’s a trick question. You know how kids sometimes rather play with a paper box instead of the (expensive) toy that came in it. Well, these blocks are not on the “toss away list”. My son loves them. He stacks them up high and pretend plays, like he’s building a house. Now that he is “older” he also gets to learn the alphabet. Which is a lot of fun for him! Big thumbs up.
  • OLLI ELLA: it’s actually a brand. And I love the whole brand, every single product. Perfection. My wishlist here is looong. So far we got the Holdie house, Pollie shelf and the Luggy. Everything here is a must have.
  • LETTER BOARD: great quality. Worth the price. Love creating quotes and it’s just a fun product!
  • TURTLEDOVE LONDON: another brand that we keep coming back to. Eco conscious, quality fabrics and such a cute styling for the little ones. Fav fashion brand.
  • STICKSTAY STICKERS: love this removable wall stickers. Great scandi style, mostly monochrome which fits perfectly in every kids room or nursery. A long time favourite.
    “nearly black moon” and “to the moon and back” wall sticker
    “Ping the panda” wall sticker



  • KIDS KITCHEN: for a price of 140eur I was really disappointed with the quality of this wooden kitchen. Right away when we got it, the little shelf on the right side of it, just fell off. Seems like the screw tights were so bad apparently. Also the pipe is just wiggling around and just might fall off any time now… The kitchen is also quite small, smaller than other kids kitchens usually are. Overall in my personal opinion this item is just not worth the price. And will replace it definitely. IMG-hb 1


  • KIDS FLOATABLE: my hopes were really high with this one. It’s such a cute kids float in a shape of a “crabby”. And I always thought that the brand itself is a better one, when it comes to floatable’s. But apparently our float came in damaged, punctioned. So it just “leaked air” and we didn’t even get to try it out! Such a shame.crabby 


house bed , baby nest , wooden blocks , olli ella items , letter board , turtledove london  , stickstay items , kitchen , kids float .

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