Kids Furniture: House Bed

This is the ultimate piece of furniture for any kind of kids room or nursery. It instantly adds that something-something. Choose natural wood colour if you’re more into boho style and natural elements. White, if you like minimalism,monochrome and brightness. You can always choose something a little bit different also. Grey, slate blue, pink, black…

IMG-hb 1

With this one piece of furniture I went for a minimal, Scandinavian style. And with grey walls as a background I created perfection! For bedding I choose mostly monochrome designs. To round the look I added some natural wood elements and monochrome prints.

In collaboration with Svet v malem shop you can now use a 10% discount code ALLTHINGZ 1O for the house bed and this exact same bedding set ( bed bumpers are optional ).  Limited time, valid until 01.04.2018. Applies for Slovenia and Croatia only!

Black and white bedding with bumper pillows is 100% certified cotton. It’s reversible, one side with black clouds print and the other with rain drops print. We also have a matching sheet. And we also have a matching bedding set for our younger ones crib. That’s how much I love it!IMG-4457.JPG

IMG-hb 2


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